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Mission Statement

Our mission, both in business and in life, is to always strive for greatness. We believe in playing the long game and working passionately towards our goals while giving it our all and supporting each other. Our REI portfolio covers the Gulf Coast region of Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama. We specialize in acquiring and developing multi-family real estate, including RV communities, apartments, storage facilities, and ground-up development. 


We prioritize the safety and security of our investors' capital and work tirelessly to underwrite deals that meet our strict purchase criteria, which has contributed significantly to our success. We do not believe in limiting our team's potential. Instead, we promote true autonomy and collaboration to come up with the best opportunities for our company and investors. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to due diligence to find the right project to fit our buying criteria.


Our focus on strategic operations, intentional marketing, software, and systems has helped us become leaders in our industry, and we continuously strive to evolve and stay ahead of the competition. 


We strongly believe that our culture is what sets us apart and drives our success. We are committed to the long-term success of our team and investors, and we make every decision with that in mind.


Paul and Von Larson

Von and Paul Larson are the owners of Larson Real Estate & Investments. The firm operates and manages over 700 units, including small multifamily properties, RV/mobile home parks, Airbnbs, and ground-up development projects. Their primary focus is on acquiring multifamily value-add properties to generate cash flow and build long-term wealth. Their strategic processes and systems, coupled with their emphasis on capital preservation, have positioned them as industry leaders. Larson Real Estate & Investments was established in 2018, and they started with small multifamily purchases. In 2019, they acquired larger RV communities with 50+ units. Their current portfolio includes a sizable Class A RV development community, and they are exploring opportunities to diversify their investment portfolio with other businesses. They support many great charities like Wildwood for Children, Flourish, Fuse Project, and St Jude’s.


Paul Larson is the founder and CEO of the company. Before he started Larson Real Estate & Investments, he worked as the Director of Sales for a real estate investment firm. During his tenure, he built out the sales department, trained the sales staff, managed investor relations, and increased revenue by 50% month over month in the Mobile, AL, and surrounding Gulf Coast market. He also wholesaled and flipped over 250 houses a year while acquiring several apartment buildings. Prior to that, he held key finance and sales positions in companies such as BMW, Cadillac, Land Rover, and Jaguar, where he worked directly with lenders and sales teams and increased revenue by 30% month over month.

In January 2024, Paul is featured in Mobile Bay's Top 40 under 40 program, which recognizes individuals who demonstrate leadership, professional excellence, and a commitment to the Mobile Bay community.


Von Larson is currently the Vice President of Larson Real Estate & Investments. She was born in Laos and at the age of 2, she and her parents escaped the communist regime in their country. They lived in a refugee camp in Thailand for two years before moving to the United States to pursue the American dream and become American citizens. Von and her parents have been business owners for over 20 years. In 2012, she opened her first restaurant in Bayou La Batre, which was a great success. Afterward, she added a food truck and catering business in 2014. In 2015, she opened Von's Bistro in Downtown Mobile, which quickly became one of the most popular restaurants in the area. It was even featured on the Travel Channel's “10 Essential” and Good Grit, which featured “4 Chefs Making Mobile a Top-Rated Food City.” Her passion for Asian Southern cuisine resonated with many Mobilians, and she ran the restaurant until 2021 when she and Paul decided to focus on growing their investment company full time.

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